Here are some links we've found useful or interesting.

Sun & Moon Rise/Set
Almanac Online
British Columbia links
Computer stuff: – Google's free blog hosting. This is our blog host. It has some free features that we really need, especially the ability to post blog entries via e-mail.

Bravenet – Free websites and web tools. This is our guest book host.

Browser updates: Get the latest and greatest Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Go Daddy is our web hosting service.

SailBlogs – Sailing blog hosting. Basic blogs are free, but the really cool features cost a little. If we didn't already have a website and host, we probably would have stayed with this blog host.

Sail Mail – The service that allows us to send e-mail via our SSB radio.

Skype – Call us over the Internet. For computer-to-computer calls, it's free.
SSCA logo
Books and guides:
Jimmy Cornell's World Cruising Routes provides essential information for planning passages and arriving at foreign ports.

Reed's various almanacs are crucial references for tides, currents, communications, lights, and such.

Changing Course: A Woman's Guide to Choosing the Cruising Life. When sailing guys ask us how to convince their women to go cruising, this is the book we have them start with.

Mexico Boating Guide. The Rains Guide got us down the Pacific coast of Mexico in safety.

Waggoner Cruising Guide 2011: The Complete Boating Reference. This was our bible for two years of cruising in Puget Sound and British Columbia. We wish they could cover the whole world.
Discussion boards:
Cruisers Forum
SSCA Discussion Board
Other cruisers:
Anaconda (Dutch)
Avocette of Portsmouth
Beyond Reason
Brick House
Dessert First
Islay Mist
Jinja (Hebrew with a Google translate button)
sans clés
Ti Corail (French)
Flag Identifier, a handy flag identification tool
Free World Maps Online
ShipTrak—Enter our call sign (WDC6176) to plot our Yotreps position reports on the map of the world.
Travel Health Online
World Clock
People and companies:
Pete McGonagle and Cindy Metler at Swiftsure Yachts
Jeff and Heather Rouse at Sceptre Marine
Andrew Roth, who sold our house so that we could sail away!
Cree, Julie, and crew at Berkeley Marine Center
Pineapple Sails made our new main sail.
Staaf Sails made our new jib sail.
All the people who waited on us at Svendsens
Jeff and Laura at Offshore Emergency Medical training
Our snail mail forwarding service is St. Brendan's Isle. If you decide to use them too because you found them here, please tell them we referred you so that we can get a month free.
Crooks and Liars
Huffington Post
Mudflats, an anti-Palin blog from Alaska
KBPS – Portland's all classical radio station – This is Shirlee's favorite classical radio station in the world, so far. If you like it too, please become a member.
Maritime Mobile Radio Nets
NPR, National Public Radio
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Baja Ha-Ha
Atlantic Rally to Europe
Classic Malts Cruise
East Mediterranean Yacht Rally
All West Coast NOAA Forecasts
National Data Bouy Center
Ocean Prediction Center
US Navy Meteorology
Solstice logo