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Contact us

Now that we're back on land, we're easier to reach. We apologize for keeping our contact page a bit difficult to find. We want people to find us, but not spammers and bots.



Home phone:

The following is our home phone number. It's a Skype phone, so if San Francisco is long distance for you but you have Skype on your computer, you can use Skype to call us for free.

(415) 315-9373

Mobile phones:

These are both U.S. numbers, and we'll keep them until we run out of pre-paid minutes.

John: (832) 331-9995
Shirlee: (415) 827-1655


John: svsolstice
Shirlee: solsticeatsea

Mailing address:

The following is our street and physical mailing address. Even though we're settled now and have an address, e-mail is still the best way to reach us.

728 Alabama St. #204
San Francisco, CA 94110

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