Sunset at anchor, Montague Harbour, BC

Anchorage photos

One rainy day in British Columbia, John started playing with photos he had taken at one of our anchorages. Soon he had a 360° view from Solstice at anchor. That was pretty cool.

We record the latitude and longitude of our anchorages, and we use paper charts in addition to our electronic ones. When it rained again, John added a photo of the chart with our logo to indicate the position where we anchored. More rain and we collaborated to produce the pages below. John did the JavaScript, and I did the stylesheets and HTML.

On each page, click the chart image to go to the panorama. Use the scrollbar at the bottom of the photo to pan around the anchorage.

Dark Cove

Entrance to Desolation Sound, not an anchorage, but an impressive panorama

False Creek

Grace Harbour

Montague Harbour

Otter Cove

Pender Harbour

Quathiaski Cove

Solstice logo