A plan written in sand at low tide

Past Voyages

Lest we forget where we've been, here are old cruising plans that are now historic.

Canada to Panama

Cruising plans

Written in sand at low tide, here are our current plans.

checkBeginning of March 2008

Haul-out in Panama on the Atlantic side. That gives us better weather for the western Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico passages.

checkEnd of March and first half of April

Passage from Panama to Florida via Isla Providencia, Grand Cayman, and Isla Mujeres to Key West.

checkEnd of April and early May

From Key West to Fort Lauderdale. Provisioning and last-minute repairs in Fort Lauderdale before the big passage. Last chance for friends and family to visit in the USA.

checkMay 29th through June 23rd

Atlantic crossing from Fort Lauderdale to the Azores. The other boats we were sailing with (Orinoco, Ventura, and Aphrodite) all stopped off in Bermuda, so we ocntinued on our own with help from Herb on Southbound II for weather advice. We caught up with Saeta at Flores in the Azores.

checkLate June and early July

Explore the Azores before heading northeast to the Continent.

checkJuly and August

Cruise in northern Europe: To the Netherlands via the coast of France and Belgium.

checkWinter 2008-2009

The Netherlands