Here are some links we've found useful or interesting.

British Columbia links – A whole page of links for British Columbia

Computer stuff:
  • – Google's free blog hosting. This is our blog host. It has some free features that we really needed, especially the ability to post blog entries via email.
  • Go Daddy is our web hosting service.
  • SailBlogs – Sailing blog hosting. Basic blogs are free, but the really cool features cost a little. If we didn't already have a website and host, we probably would have stayed with this blog host.
  • Sail Mail – The service that allowed us to send email via our SSB radio.
Cruising clubs:
Books and guides:
Discussion boards:
Other cruisers:
(None of these folks are still out cruising, but then, neither are we.)
People and companies:
  • Pete McGonagle and Cindy Metler at Swiftsure Yachts
  • Andrew Roth, who sold our house so that we could sail away! And when we returned to San Francisco, he helped us buy our loft and sold it for us when we moved to Oregon.
  • Cree, Julie, and crew at Berkeley Marine Center
  • Pineapple Sails made our new main sail.
  • All the people who waited on us at Svendsens
  • Our snail mail forwarding service is St. Brendan's Isle. If you decide to use them too because you found them here, please tell them we referred you so that we can get a month free.
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