Our first landfall on the European continent and we had a wonderful time here. Yes, we suffered sticker shock at the restaurant prices and, yes, we had boat issues, but neither erased our overall favorable impressions. The people were friendly and helpful, the wine good and inexpensive, and the baguettes and cheese … well, it's a good thing we did lots of walking!

Around the town to the market, up the hill to the old fort (now a WWII museum), inside and around an old church, we walked a lot and John found lots of photo opportunities. And he remembered to take pictures of our one restaurant dinner before we ate it.

Cherbourg was our headquarters for a week and a half of exploring the town and learning a little about Normandy. We definitely want to go back. Meanwhile, related photo pages are Cité de la Mer, Omaha Beach, Bayeux, Cathedrale du Bayeux, and English Channel Sunset.

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